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How to avoid legal demands of Getty Images and other photo copyright problems

The best way to avoid copyright problems and legal troubles with Getty Images is to avoid using their images. Or at least that would seem to be the answer at first. You just ignore any pictures by Getty Images; don't buy them, don't use them on your website, and don't copy them. InterestingThe problem is it's not as easy as that, and you might end up with a legal letter arriving with a demand for large amounts for images and photographs of which you are accused of "UNAUTHORIZED USE". In the words of some people who send out the Nigeria Scam "this letter may come as a surprise".

We have received a response from Getty Images in form of a letter demanding the removal of all seemingly disparaging comments about getty and threatening legal action if it is not implemented in 8 days over the chrismas period when most places are shut. Furthermore, Venessa Bouchara of Cabinet Bouchara avocats claims that they will be available to discuss this in line with their professional rules, however every attempt to contact them has resulted in either no response, or a form reply saying thanks for the attempt, but no actual communication. this leaves us with little choice but to remove the helpful information on this page until we can get constructive communication from her. so far this has not been forthcoming.

Gagged by Getty Images since 19th December 2016

I am not a lawyer, however Liz Ward of Virtuoso Legal is. She's a specialist lawyer in the field of intellectual property. How about that?